Military Literature Festival,
Chandigarh 2nd and 3rd December, 2023


Punjab has borne the brunt of ruthless invaders since times immemorial. History has it that the people of this land were subjected to untold horrors and deprivations over the ages. Repeated wars gave birth to a hardy population that brought forth some of the finest warriors who walked the earth. With war came sacrifices that spurred great tales of heroism and valour. The great Mahabharata, the world’s longest poem, is set in this very region.

To honour and commemorate the legendary bravery and sacrifices of our ancestors from this great land, Military Literature Festival is organised every year at Chandigarh. The literature festival is an annual affair conducted by the Punjab Government and the Western Command to honour and commemorate the legendary bravery and sacrifices of the Indian soldiers and also to bring on to a common platform experts to deliberate on contemporary military, security and geopolitical issues.


Veerpex2023 is the first non competitive philatelic exhibition inviting participation from all over India. The exhibits will be displayed in frames at the venue of Military Literature Festival at Chandigarh on 2nd and 3rd December, 2023. The exhibition is being organised by Prayag Philatelic Society, The Postcrossing Welfare Society of India with support of India Post. The exhibition is open to all the philatelists across India. Special Issues like release of a set of picture postcards and a special cover with cancellation has been planned with the help of the Department of Posts, India Post, during the exhibition.


1. Veerpex2023 has no class separation for the participation.

2. All the participants will get a Certificate of Participation a Memento.

3. Subject/Theme of exhibit should be strictly on Indian Armed Forces.

4. Application will open on 5th November, 2023. Interested philatelists must submit their entry through the URL –

5. Further information relating to dates, venue, and alike will be disseminated through the above mentioned URL.

6. The entire exhibit must be a bonafide property of the exhibitor. The submission of entry form will be deemed to be an implied declaration to this effect and acceptance of all other rules and regulations along with amendments made hereafter.

7. An exhibitor will be permitted to one entry.

8. An exhibit is complete with a full frame with 16 A4 pages/8 A3 pages or multi-frames, only up to 5 frames.

9. The sheet size for A4 exhibit is 23cm x 29cm and A3 size is 46cm x 29 cm.

10. The last date to apply, along with Title Page is 10th November, 2023.

11. The exhibition is free of any charges/fees.

12. While applying for frames, the exhibitor will have to declare the value of the exhibit for collective insurance at the venue.

13. The exhibits will be returned after 4th December by post to the exhibitor’s postal address. The organisers reserve the right to reject/remove any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason.

Address for dispatch of exhibit –

Col T.S. Dhaliwal
Military Literature Festival Association
C/O Sainik Sadan Mohali (Near Silvi Park )
Phase 10 (Sector 64 ) SAS Nagar – Mohali, Punjab PIN 160055

Contact information:

The Secretary,
Prayag Philatelic Society,
Post Box No.26, Head Post Office,
Prayagraj 211001 (UP)
Mobile no. 9415214897(whatsapp)

Entry Form


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