Details of Members

List of Annual, Life, Honorary, and Ex-Officio Members of the Society

Sl.No.Membership TypeNo.Name of the Member
10.Annual Member DOJ: 2.8.2017AM01Mr. Vinod Seth
11.Annual Member DOJ: 29.8.2017AM02Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Jalandra
12.Annual Member DOJ: 12.9.2017AM03Mr. Alok Kumar
13.Annual Member DOJ: 13.9.2017AM04Mr. Kushagra Agarwal
14.Annual Member DOJ: 14.9.2017AM05Mr. Vidhu Bhushan Chopra
15.Annual Member DOJ: 15.9.2017AM06Mr. Abhinav Srivastava
16.Annual Member DOJ: 29.9.2017AM07Mr. Dinesh Sabharwal
17.Annual Member DOJ: 2.10.2017AM08Mr. Prasanna Deshpande
18.Annual Member DOJ: 18.11.2017AM09Mr. Suresh R. Bhalodia
19.Annual Member DOJ: 18.11.2017AM10Mr. Reshadul Islam
20.Annual Member DOJ: 19.12.2017AM11Mr. Subir Mittra
21.Annual Member DOJ: 15.2.2018AM13Mr. Shiv Ram Dass Gupta
22.Annual Member DOJ: 5.4.2018AM14Mr. Ayush Gupta
23.Annual Member DOJ: 11.6.2018AM17Mr. Sanjay Gilani
24.Annual Member DOJ: 14.6.2018AM18Mr. Ankit Agrawal
25.Annual Member DOJ: 30.9.2018AM24Col Akhil Kumar
26.Annual Member DOJ: 12.12.2018AM026Mr. Shashi Pal Batra
27.Annual Member DOJ: 19.11.2018AM027Mr. Hamza Reshad
28.Annual Member DOJ: 22.1.2019AM030Mr. Abhai Mishra
29.Annual Member DOJ: 6.2.2019AM031Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nagjibhai
30.Annual Member DOJ: 9.5.2019AM035Mr. Bhavyansh Prakhar Rastogi
31.Annual Member DOJ: 27.6.2019AM037Mr. Deepak Agarwal
32.Annual Member DOJ: 1.8.2020AM040Mr.K. Muthu Manikanda Karthikeyan
33.Annual Member DOJ: 1.9.2020AM042Dr. Vijai Kumar Sharma
34.Annual Member DOJ: 16.9.2020AM043Mr.Souvik Ghatak
35.Annual Member DOJ: 11.10.2020AM044Mr. Amit Arya
36.Annual Member DOJ: 30.10.2020AM045CA Navneet Agarwal
37.Annual Member DOJ: 11.11.2020AM046Mr. Ajit Kumar Raut
38.Annual Member DOJ: 1.4.2021AM047Mr.Sanjit Kumar Keshri
39.Annual Member DOJ: 26.4.2021AM048Mr. Ajay Kumar Sinha
40.Annual Member DOJ: 26.5.2021AM049Mr. Anshul D Gupta
41.Annual Member DOJ: 11.6.2021AM050Mr.Suresh Shantaram Kupale
42.Annual Member DOJ: 18.6.2021AM051Mr.Sanjib Kumar Sahoo
43.Annual Member DOJ: 28.8.2021AM052Mr.Lakshya Gupta
44.Annual Member DOJ: 27.9.2021AM053Mr.Chandrakant Bhujade
45.Annual Member DOJ: 18.1.2022AM054Mr. Parvesh Kumar Gupta
46.Annual Member DOJ: 10.2.2022AM055Ms. Jaagruthi Nithin Adka
47.Annual Member DOJ: 10.2.2022AM056Mr. Nithin Kumar S. Adka
48.Annual Member DOJ: 25.12.2021AM057 (HM14)Shri. Dhirendra Nath Misra
49.Annual Member DOJ: 17.1.2022AM058 (HM17)Dr. Manishee Bansal
50.Annual Member DOJ: 28.4.2022AM060Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta
51.Life MemberLM01Mr. Anil Agarwal
52.Life MemberLM02Mr. Sushil Mehra
53.Life MemberLM03Mr. Surendra A. Kotadia
54.Honorary MemberHM3Dr.(Mrs.) Anjali Dutta
55.Honorary MemberHM4Hon’ble Mr. Justice Pankaj Mithal
56.Honorary MemberHM5Mr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma
57.Honorary MemberHM6Mr. Prashant H. Pandya
58.Honorary MemberHM7Shri. Ashok Bayanwala
59.Honorary Member DOJ: 3.6.2019HM8Shri. Sumanto Kumar
60.Honorary Member DOJ: 13.6.2019HM9Smt. Jeevan Jyoti
61.Honorary Member DOJ: 10.9.2020HM10Dr. Denzil Godin
62.Honorary Member DOJ: 10.9.2020HM11Shri. R. P. Singh, IPS
63.Honorary Member DOJ: 20.9.2020HM12Shri. Vinay Singh
64.Honorary Member DOJ: 30.9.2021HM13Dr. Sudhir Gopal Jakhere, IPoS
65.Honorary Member DOJ: 17.1.2022HM15Shri. Madhukar Deogawanka
66.Honorary Member DOJ: 17.1.2022HM16Shri. Pratisad Neurgaonkar
67.Honorary Member DOJ: 21.8.2022HM17Brig. Jatinder S Arora (Retd)
68.Honorary Member DOJ: 29.8.2022HM18Maj Dr. Ritu Kalra
69.Ex-Officio MemberEXOM01Mr. Sanjay D. Akhade, IPoS
70.Ex-Officio MemberEXOM03Shri. Rajesh Verma
71.Ex-Officio MemberEXOM04Shri. Ashish Dwivedi

Governing Body 7
General Members 2
Annual Members 41
Life Members 3
Honorary Members 15
Ex-Officio Members 3

Total 71

Total Number of Members as on 29th August 2022 – 71 Members

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