Releases of Special Covers and Picture Postcards

List of Special Covers and Picture Postcard Issued by the Society from 2017 to 2022.

Sl. No.SCR No.TitleDate of ReleasePlace of Release
1.UP-17-2017Birth Centenary of Indira Gandhi19.11.2017Allahabad
2.UP-02-2018Heritage Buildings of Allahabad – Anand Bhawan6.2.2018Allahabad
3.UP–11–2018Mahatma Gandhi’s First Arrival at Allahabad5.8.2018Allahabad
Swami Vivekanand in Prayag12.1.2019Allahabad
5.UP–16–2019Kumbh Mela9.2.2019Allahabad
6.UP-21-2019Floating Post Office at Kumbh Mela2.3.2019Allahabad
7.UP-24-2019Indian Press4.6.2019Allahabad
8.UP-33-2019Mahatma Gandhi at Allahabad – Meetings of Freedom Movement8.8.2019Allahabad
9.UP–49–2019Celebrating 135 Glorious Years of St. Joseph’s College by the alumnus of 1994 on their Silver Jubilee of Passing Out16.11.2019Allahabad
10.UP–48–2019Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Alumni of 1994 Batch BHS22.11.2019Allahabad
11.UP-01-2020Sub Verticals of Orthopedics11.1.2020Allahabad
12.UP–03–2020Ganga Aarti at Allahabad29.2.2020Allahabad
13.UP-11-2020Together we can stop Covid198.8.2020Allahabad
14.KTK–79–2020151 Years of Postcards13.10.2020Bengaluru
15.UP–20–2020Ecological Vision of Mahatma Gandhi5.12.2020Allahabad
16.UP–01–2021Banarasi Handloom Silk16.1.2021Varanasi
17.UP-01-2021Remembering Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose – Picture Postcard23.1.2021Allahabad
18.UP-08-2021110th Anniversary of Airmail Allahabad to Naini18.2.2021Allahabad
19.UP-13-2021International Women’s Day8.3.2021Allahabad
20.UP-15-2021World Sparrow Day20.3.2021Allahabad
21.UP-17-202191st Anniversary of Salt Satyagrah – ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’13.4.2021Allahabad
22.Phil-6/Misc/2020National Light House Day in India21.9.2021Surat
23.UP–109–2021Allahabad Surkha Guava13.10.2021Allahabad
24.Phil/PPC/02-1/2021-22Ghats of Varanasi – Picture Postcard4.12.2021Varanasi
25.UP–113–2021Birth Centenary of Satyajit Ray11.12.2021Lucknow
26.UP–132–2021Nana Sahib – Dhondu Pant (Peshwa)17.12.2021Kanpur
27.KTK–09–2022Martyrs’ Day – Remembering Mahatma30.1.2022Bengaluru
28.MP–8–2022Kathak Sartaj Pt. Birju Maharaj21.2.2022Khajuraho
29.****Postcrossing Meetup at Pune–Dyecut Picture Postcard3.9.2022Pune
30.PB-01-2022125th Anniversary of Saragarhi Battle12.9.2022Firozpur
31.ASM-05-2022Bihu Dance of Assam14.10.2022Guwahati
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