World Postcard Day Celebrations- 1.10.2023

World Postcard Day – 2023

World Postcard Day is observed on 1st October every year. To celebrate “The Postcard” Prayag Philatelic Society, Prayagraj with the active support of India Post organized few activities at the Head Post Office on 1.10.2023 at 11 a.m.
An Exhibition on Picture Postcards and postal stationery postcards was setup by the members of the society. Prominent display was by Dr. R. P. Singh (IPS Retd.) which was on a set of Picture Postcards on the beautiful scenic views of Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir. Mr. Ajit Kumar Raut displayed the life story of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose through picture postcards. Various postcards issued by India Post over the past decade were on display. India’s popular tourist places were showcased in the cards.

An Interactive session/workshop on postcard was organized by Ms. Jasvi Srivastava, an ardent philatelist and postcard collector from Prayagraj. Through various slides in her presentation she explained various aspects of the postcard. Students participated actively in the workshop and they asked various curious questions on the postcard.

Dr. Maneeshi Bansal, a senior philatelist delivered a talk on postcard. He emphasized on its practical use-age in our day to day routine and for communication and its use as a tool to express emotions.

While attending the event, the participants wrote a postcard to their near and dear ones and then they dropped it in the hanging letter box kept especially for this purpose at the venue. They enjoyed writing the postcard and were happy to have done it after years. For some, it was the first time that they ever wrote on a postcard. While everyone was writing on the card, a short video was played to show how a postcard travels and reached its destination.

Welcoming and introducing the guests on dias the Secretary, of the society presented a set of Picture Postcards to them. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Pankaj Mithal, was very happy to participate in the event as he too wrote on a postcard. He expressed his joy over using this medium as a means of communication. He thanked the Post Office to organize the event and congratulated the society to have organized the activities for the event. He recollected that in the 1980s postcard was a very popular means of writing letters to friends and relatives. People were fond of writing postcards and similarly anticipated a postcard in reply from the other side. He requested the audience to send postcards to their home while they visited any tourist place. Later these would be fond memories which will remind them of their visit to the tourist places. Writing a postcard is an old method and we should preserve this as an heritage. The stamps on the postcards are source of knowledge and a matter of study. At the end, he encouraged everyone to write a postcard atleast once a week to their near and dear ones.

World Postcard Day was jointly celebrated by 14 prominent Philatelic Societies across India. A set of 15 picture postcards were also released from Bengaluru. One of the postcard in the set was from Prayagraj. The drawing prepared by Shreyansh Ajai Shukla was selected and the same was depicted in the picture postcard. The title of the card is “Remembering the people behind the success of Chandrayan 3. Shreyansh was felicitated by the society by way of a memento which was presented to him by Justice Pankaj Mithal.

The following students from different schools and colleges were present – Jasvi Srivastava, Siddhi Srivastava, Sadia Danish, Ashok Mital, Tanishka Pal, Shreyansh Ajai Shukla, Divyanshi Shukla, Ananya Sharma, Vidhi Gupta, Vanshika Sharma, Rudransh Singh, Mrs.Priya Agarwal, Mrs.Snehlata Singh, Sujeet Kumar Gupta, Raghvi Srivastava, Keshvi Srivastava, Shri. Pankaj Srivastava, Mohd. Sadiq, Mudrika Gupta. The members of the Prayag Philatelic Society who were present for the celebrations are – Mr. Kushagra Agarwal, Mr. Niraj Soni, Mr. Hamza Reshad and Mr. Reshadul Islam.

In the vote of thank, the Secretary of the society thanked the Officials of the Post Office for extending their support and co-operation to host the event at the HPO. He especially thanked the Incharge of Philatelic Bureau, Shri. Rajesh Verma who helped in successfully organizing the event.

The event came to an end with the singing the National Anthem by all present.

World Postcard Day Celebrations- 1.10.2023

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